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Vision, Mission, & Core Values


To be a premiere coaching business that offers services nationally and internationally in the area of health and wellness for healthcare workers, students, and business leaders. 


MacroLife Coaching provides coaching, consulting, and training with a primary focus of recognizing each person as an individual and acknowledging their strengths to help them find meaning in their life, define their goals, and realize their dreams. MacroLife Coaching helps people become their best selves, learn to live a life that is healthier, and thrive in sometimes less than ideal situations. The use of a positive psychology and holistic approach helps empower people to experience growth and change, to move towards health and wellness, and to create a better world.

Core Values

Core Values are the guiding principles of how my coaching provides ethical and meaningful service to you. The core values for MacroLife Coaching are:


       I believe that coaching can be an experience that can inspire change or cause a shift in viewpoint for    

       you in a way that can make your life better.


      I believe that you should be viewed as a whole person who is more than the sum of your parts and in

      coaching the whole person is important.


      I see each individual as a human being worthy of being valued for who you are and I honor the                       hopes and dreams that are important to you.        


     I hold high ethical standards and have trustworthiness in the way I provide services with        

     honesty and loyalty to you.


      I believe that coaching can help create the capacity to live and grow and for the continuation of a  

      meaningful or purposeful existence.


      I believe coaching gives the power to you by putting you in control of making decisions about    

      what you want and you are at the heart of the services provided.      

The first letters of the core values spell THRIVE which is the the personal development that occurs through coaching and includes: increasing self-awareness, building self-esteem, learning new skills, developing strengths, enhancing quality of life, and improving health. 

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