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Coaching Model

The Coaching Model used is the "PREPARE FOR GROWTH" Model

There are three important parts to coaching:

  • The Coach

  • The Client

  • The Growth Process

The Coach must PREPARE to create the appropriate environment for coaching:

      Presence - the Coach must be present at all times during the coaching session

      Respect - the Coach must have respect for the Client they are coaching

      Ease - the Coach needs to put their Client at ease and create a safe space 

      Person-Centered - the Coach allows the Client to "Drive the Bus"

      Awareness - the Coach helps to create awareness within the Client

      Relationship - the Coach works on creating a trusting collaborative relationship with the Client

      Explore - the Coach helps the Client explore possibilities


 The Client must Focus On the  Reason and meaning behind the change they want to make. When the           Client has a clear "Why?", it provides motivation and courage that is needed to move forward in the face of fears (of the unknown, of failure, of loss, of change).


In order to move forward, the Client partners with the Coach in the GROWTH Process, which is best explained in the form of questions:

      Goals - What do you need to achieve?

      Reality - What is happening now?

      Options - What could you do?

      Will - What will you do?

      Tactics - How and when will you do it?

      Habits - How will you sustain your success?

The result of the GROWTH Process is SUCCESS which is celebrated by the Coach and the Client!

"Your 'Why' provides you with clarity, meaning, and direction. It is a filter through which you can make decisions, every day, to bring your cause to life."  --Simon Sinek

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