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Assessments: Learn About Yourself

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom"   -- Aristotle

Are you feeling burned out?

Take this quiz to see if you could use help with work/life balance.

What are your strengths?

Take this VIA strengths survey  to find out your top strengths

Incognito young man seated on a chair ho

What is your personality type?

Take this free personality test - similar to

Meyers -Briggs 

Do you need a coach?

Answer this one question to see if you need a coach.

(This is funny)

Click on picture to go to assessment

Energy Profile

Check your energy level in four areas



A business oriented survey to determine

your top 5 strengths

(for $19.99 fee) or

$89 for 34 strengths

full report

Learning Style

A learning style assessment to identify how you learn best and strategies to use

Emotional Intelligence

Take this quiz to see how emotionally intelligent you are and how to improve certain areas

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